ROC: Census of indigenous peoples

Reported by IRIN in 2003. Excerpt: "...In other news, indigenous populations in the Lekoumou Region of southern Republic of Congo have asked the government to conduct a census of their populations in order to better incorporate them into national development planning. The request came at the conclusion of a human rights seminar for indigenous people, better known as 'Pygmies', held from July 1-3 in Sibiti, the capital of Lekoumou, according to Moke Loamba, president of ADHUC, a national human rights NGO. 'I believe that it is reasonable that we first of all conduct a general census before discussing questions of development that are critical for the survival of pygmy communities which have been terribly marginalised by Bantu peoples,' Denis Toutou Nganiye, president of the Association pour la promotion socioculturelle des pygmees du Congo, told IRIN."

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